Google Cloud Platform Cheat Sheet

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Google Cloud Platform is ever growing in it’s service offering. GCP now has probably 200+ cloud products and can be very daunting to remember all of them at one go. Many of us probably aware of the below GCP Cheat Sheet.

GCP Cheat Sheet

Wait…there is more!

Google has recently comeup with an interactive version of all GCP products & services. They call it as Version 2 and popularly “Google Cloud 4-word-or-less” cheat sheet. This interactive version describes each GCP product/service in 4 words or less…Amazing!!!…Moreover, all the cards are linked straight to the product documentation, videos and other available resources. Now it is relatively easier to quickly get up to speed with GCP products/services. Truely a “one stop shop” for developer and techies.

If you’ve not tried yet, explore the cheat sheet now!!! Happy Scrollingggg 🙂